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A Company that has Committed to Supporting and Serving the Community of Human Healthcare, Environmental Protection, and Life Sciences Discovery. 

A Premier Provider of Solutions in Clinical Diagnostics, Environmental Testing and Bioscience Discovery

As the world grapples with critical health concerns, including emerging infectious diseases, cancers, neurological conditions, and various types of gastrointestinal diseases that could have been induced by environmental emerging viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxic chemicals or contaminants, the need for innovative and effective solutions has never been greater. At BeingBio, we are dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to unravel the mysteries of these pressing issues and improve the lives of countless individuals.

We pride ourselves on our innovative products, customer engagement, integrity, quality, and passion. We have established a global consortium by partnering with leading service providers and manufacturers across various sectors, ranging from enviromental lab testing to public health monitoring applications, and drinking water safety watching. Serving customers worldwide, our unwavering dedication to excellence propels us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the pursuit of a healthier, and brighter future.


A Story of Evolution

Born from a vision to offer exceptional solutions for our clients, BeingBio evolved from BioLabs International, a life sciences company initially focused on diagnostics for emerging diseases, during the COVID-19 outbreak that began in 2020. Our mission at BeingBio is to revolutionize healthcare by broadening access to innovative products and services through the power of technology for environmental protection.

Driven by a desire to expand both organically and through strategic alliances, our company has set its sights on collaborating with leading manufacturers to deliver world-class, comprehensive environmental testing reagent kits and laboratory equipment. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration has shaped our company's journey thus far, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to transform the healthcare landscape.

A Technological Journey

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In many developing countries, high mortality rates are often attributed to emerging infectious diseases, cancer, HIV, and other infectious conditions. Early detection and environmental monitoring for unknown events are crucial for successful prevention and treatment, as it prevents diseases like viruses, bacteria, fungi, or cancers from spreading further. However, when these diseases progress, treatment becomes increasingly complex, ultimately lowering patients’ chances of survival. More reliable, affordable, and user-friendly diagnostic tools, one example is the very sensitive sensing detecting equipment, could significantly improve success rates by reducing time delays in a lab.

To address the urgent need for early detection, there is a growing demand for testing methods that are easily accessible to various samples. Several biosensing tools have been developed to detect various environmental samples, with novel recognition and transducing elements contributing to enhanced sensitivity and accuracy. Leveraging advancements in technology and biomaterials, we have overcome challenges related to reproducibility, false positives, and test reliability for enhancing detection accuracy.

Continued research and development of biosensing methods for on-spot sample collection applications will enable routine checks at home or in the fields, facilitating early and easy detection of abnormalities and, ultimately, saving millions of lives. At BeingBio, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology development to create a healthier, more hopeful future for all. 

Our Value

Our unwavering commitment to clinical diagnostics and environmental service excellence is deeply ingrained in our culture. We strive to grow and forge strategic alliances with leading manufacturers to provide world-class testing products and laboratory supplies.

Commitment to the Supply of Clinical Diagnostics and Environmental Testing

Our dedication to offering outstanding solutions drives us to consistently exceed expectations in service and product quality.

Passion for Continuous Improvement

We are never content with the status quo. We actively identify limitations and opportunities for growth, both personally and organizationally, and use these insights to learn and develop.

Responsibility & Accountability

We take ownership of every situation to the best of our ability, recognizing when to seek assistance and support when needed. Our sense of responsibility and accountability is the foundation upon which we build trust and foster collaboration.

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Customers Centric

Provide solutions for whatever our customers need.

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Cutting Edge Technologies

Deliver accurate results to meet with customers’ expectations.

Our Approach

Proven Solutions Tailored for You

  • Identifying deficiencies in current business processes and delivering solid solutions, strategies, and recommendations
  • Creating a competitive laboratory usage model
  • Driving outreach program progress, success, and future growth opportunities through metrics and hard-wired performance standards
  • Improving your financial discipline

What Our Customers Said

BeingBio's products have been instrumental in accelerating our research, while their knowledgeable and responsive team always goes the extra mile to assist us. We trust them to consistently deliver reliable, cutting-edge solutions that help advance our scientific endeavors.

Christine Foreman USA

I cannot thank BeingBio enough for their incredible attention to detail and promptness in handling my recent order. The products they provided were of the utmost quality, exceeding my expectations and contributing significantly to the success of our laboratory. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the life sciences field.

John Wright USA

I just wanted to comment on how rare it is to get a quick response that actually answers our questions, and what a positive impact that has on a purchasing decision. Since I have to order many things from the U.S. and shipping is a significant cost, I am somewhat cautious about ordering.

Venessa Morgan Canada

The customer service team at BeingBio supported us all along the way during our project. I couldn’t think of another partner to have had. They understood our applications and issues we ran into along the way, as well as how to refine the product to meet our needs 100%.

Joshua Martinez UK

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