Multiplex Real-Time PCR

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BeingBio’s Real-time PCR System is engineered to advance molecular diagnostics through precision, speed, and innovation, and is designed to streamline and accelerate the research and testing processes. Its core strengths lie in its smart operational features, simplifying the user experience. this system delivers fast, reliable results, making it an indispensable tool in laboratories.

The system is designed for high throughput with minimal well-to-well and instrument variation, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. Compatibility with millions of assays underlines its versatility in molecular biology diagnostics. Its compact design integrates seamlessly into any laboratory environment without compromising functionality. With features like smart qPCR workflow and RFID integration for TaqMan Array Plates, it streamlines data management and reduces manual inputs, enhancing laboratory productivity.

The system supports an extensive array of assays, emphasizing its versatility. User-friendly operation and intelligent workflow automation further optimize laboratory efficiency.

INTENDED FOR: (but not limited to the list)

  • Infectious diseases
    Herpes Zoster
    Herpes Simplex
  • Venereal Diseases
    Condyloma Acuminatum


  • High-speed multiplex Real-time quantitative PCR
  • Super fast – amplification and detection in 25 minutes
  • Automatic centrifugation
  • Super sensitive
  • Super small instrument
  • Modules interchangeable – equipped with 1 -4 modules


  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3ºC (50ºC – 95ºC)
  • Resolution of Solution Curve: 0.1ºC – 1ºC
  • Temperature Control Range: Room Temperature +10ºC – 99ºC
  • Sensitivity: Single-copy genes can be detected
  • Dynamic Linear Range/Linearity: 9 or More Orders of Magnitude / Gradient Linear Regression Coefficients > 0.99
  • Band Range

    Detection Limit.            FAM.              CY3.               TxR.                 CY5
    Stimulate (nm).          450-495.       528-550.        570-590.       630-645
    Send (nm)                    515-545.        570-593.        610-667.        666-769

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