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Product Categories

Clinical Diagnostics

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AI in Cancer Diagnosis

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Allergy & Autoimmune

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Women's Health

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Drugs of Abuse

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Gastrointestinal Health

Cancer markers testing

Cancer Markers


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Environmental Monitoring

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Algal Toxins

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Organic contaminants


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Disinfection by-products

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Crops Protection Chemicals


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Life Sciences

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Molecular Biology

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Protein Purification


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Cell Analysis

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Consumables & Supplies

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Specimens Collection

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Lab Equipment

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Molecular Biology

Personalized Medicine

AI is set to revolutionize personalized medicine in oncology by analyzing vast amounts of genomic, proteomic, and clinical data to identify personalized treatment plans

Early Detection and Diagnosis

AI and machine learning technologies are improving the early detection and diagnosis of cancer

AI in Diagnostics

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Influenza A/B & COVID-19 Ag Self-Test (FDA Approved)

Completely "Made in USA"!
Self-test for Everyone to Screen Suspected Respiratory Symptoms From The Comfort of Your Home

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COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test (FDA Approved)

Completely "Made in USA"!
Enable Everyone to Screen Those Who is With or Without Suspected Symptoms

BeingBio - COVID-19 new product

Rapid Tests From prescription medications to illicit drugs

Maintain a Safe, Productive Workplace Environment & Encourage healthy individual

DOA_New Products -BeingBio

Plant or Soil Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification

Extract DNA fragments and high purity and stable in quality

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Environmental Algal Toxins Monitoring

Enable You Keeping Our Environment a Healthier Place

Algal Products-New

Optimize Your Lab work: High-Quality Lab Solutions

Superior Material Quality, Compatibility, and Versatility


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Algal Toxins Testing Kits on HABs

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BeingBio's products have been instrumental in accelerating our research, while their knowledgeable and responsive team always goes the extra mile to assist us. We trust them to consistently deliver reliable, cutting-edge solutions that help advance our scientific endeavors.

Christine Foreman USA

I cannot thank BeingBio enough for their incredible attention to detail and promptness in handling my recent order. The products they provided were of the utmost quality, exceeding my expectations and contributing significantly to the success of our laboratory. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the life sciences field.

John Wright USA

I just wanted to comment on how rare it is to get a quick response that actually answers our questions, and what a positive impact that has on a purchasing decision. Since I have to order many things from the U.S. and shipping is a significant cost, I am somewhat cautious about ordering.

Venessa Morgan Canada

The customer service team at BeingBio supported us all along the way during our project. I couldn’t think of another partner to have had. They understood our applications and issues we ran into along the way, as well as how to refine the product to meet our needs 100%.

Joshua Martinez UK
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