Dry Chemistry Analyzer

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Introducing BeingBio’s Premier Dry Chemistry Analyzer – a revolutionary leap in clinical chemistry testing. This cutting-edge device is designed for rapid, accurate, and easy-to-use analysis, ensuring you get reliable results with minimal effort. Employing dry chemistry technology, it eliminates the need for calibration and water, simplifying preparation and maintenance. Capable of analyzing a wide range of clinical chemistry parameters from just a small sample volume, it’s perfect for fast-paced medical environments.

The analyzer boasts an intuitive operation, delivering results in as little as 12 minutes through a straightforward three-step process. It’s equipped with a comprehensive quality control system, ensuring the accuracy of every analysis. Designed for versatility, it can process whole blood, serum, or plasma, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of diagnostic applications.

Compact and portable, it’s an ideal solution for on-site testing, emergency diagnostics, and primary health care settings. Its automated features and smart connectivity options streamline workflow, enhancing laboratory productivity and data management efficiency​.

INTENDED FOR: (But not limited to the list)

  • Blood Fat Combo Tests:
    Total Cholesterol (TCHO),
    High-Density Liptein Cholesterol (HDL-C),
    Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL-C)
  • Liver Function Combo Tests:
    Alanine Aminotransferase(ALT),
    Aspartate Aminotransferase(AST),
    Total Bilirubin(TBIL)
  • Diabetic Hyperglycemia:
    Urine Creatinine(UCR),
    Urine Microalbumin(UMA),
    Glucose(GLU)/Alanine Aminotransferase(ALT)/Triglycerides(TG)/Total Cholesterol(TC)
  • Renal Function Combo Tests:
    Uric Acid(UA)
  • Gardiouacalar Disease:
    Creatine Kinase Isoenzyme(CK-MB),
    Lactate Dehydrogenase(LDH)


  • 3 channels preincubation
  • 1 drop of blood for 3-5 test items
  • <3 Minutes for results
  • All tests on 1 analyzer
  • Finger whole blood
  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • Intelligent and portability
  • Built-in thermostatic control module
  • Easy to use



  • Methodology: Dry chemistry method
  • Test Speed: ≤3 mins/test
  • Accuracy: Relative Bias≤ ±10%
  • Sample: Whole blood
  • Precision: Variable Coefficient (CV, %) ≤5.0%
  • Linear: In the linear range from 1.1 mmol/L to 33.3 mmol/L, the slope is 1.00 ± 0.05, Correlation coefficient r≥0.975
  • Stability: Relative Bias ≤ ±10%
  • Body Size: 200mm x 1436mm x 82mm
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