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Saliva Collection kit
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The saliva collection system is designed for self-contained saliva sample collection which provides critical sample consistency while amplifying, preserving, and protecting transcripts at the point of collection for highly sensitive and highly specific analysis. Sample self-collection using a saliva collection kit provides 100% in-device live viral neutralization in 10 seconds at room temperature, mitigating any risk of exposure for downstream processes. The saliva kits have no special storage or transport temperature-control requirements for collected saliva samples and eliminate the need for UN3373 biohazard shipping designation with clearance from USPS, FedEx, & UPS.


  • First FDA Authorized COVID-19 saliva testing solution
  • First FDA Authorized at-home saliva collection device for COVID-19 testing.
  • Identify infections at their earliest stage before the onset of symptoms.
  • In-device 100% inactivation of the live virus within the device at ambient temps
  • Maintains critical bio-sample consistency.
  • 99.998% testing accuracy & more sensitive
  • No temperature-controlled storage or sample transport
  • Post-collection stability with no degradation in sample efficacy
  • Process multiple tests from a single collected sample
  • Eliminate the need for UN3373 shipping designation.
  • Supported system and validated testing process.
  • At-home and direct-to-patient fulfillment
  • simplicity and effectiveness of saliva collection devices have delivered a new standard of care for patients and laboratories.
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