Laboratories Solutions

A wide variety of laboratory plasticware, including bottles, funnels, beakers, and flasks, as well as cell culture plastics and pipettes.
Keep your lab stocked, equipped, and optimized with our selection of lab solutions. We offer the labware and chemicals that you need every day, equipment and automation to streamline your workflow, and data management and analysis solutions to make the most of your results.

Lab solutions`

Product Categories

molecular bio

Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification

Extraction of genomic DNA & RNA from a wide range of sources

Protein desalting Columns

Protein Desalting Columns

For removing salts and other small molecules from protein solutions.

Protein Purification

Affinity Chromatography Columns

Separate tagged proteins and other biomolecules using biological interactions

FPLC Columns

FPLC Columns

Adapted for high-pressure pumps to move the sample and buffer through the column

Specimens Collection

Specimens Collection

Use in collection of clinical samples, which include blood, saliva, urine, and stool. Available in various sizes and materials.

Lab Consumables

Consumables & Supplies

Labware and chemical reagents that you need in the lab every day.

Pipette Logo

Pipette Tips

Function at high levels of efficiency and accuracy for highly demanding applications of transferring measured quantities of liquids.

Lab equipment

Lab Equipment

Instruments, devices, and respective parts are intended for various specialty applications.

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