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Complete range of 10ul, 10ul extension, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul, 1000ul extension (1250ul) low adsorption; Packed in the sterilized bag, box, and cartridge.
Suitable for Gilson, Eppendorf, Thermo, and domestic or foreign brands of pipettes.


  • Nozzle design: structure mapping according to the original adapter, unique thin-walled nozzle technology makes the workstation aspirate adaptor head with better sealing and adaptability of the aspirate tip.
  • Quality assurance: 100,000 class clean workshop production, to ensure that no DNase RNase protease and pyrogen.
  • Exquisite technology: unique ultra-fine grinding and molding technology, no mold release agent, less sample residue.
  • High quality cartridge: Porous tissue filtration, with strong hydrophobicity, forming a solid barrier to aerosols and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination of samples.
  • Low adsorption: The surface is treated by a special process with high hydrophobicity and a smooth and translucent inner surface to ensure accurate pipetting.
  • Transparent design: the product has a translucent cavity for better permeability, less wear and tear, and easy to observe the liquid.
  • Product material: imported medical grade PP material, in strict accordance with industry requirements for material selection, to ensure the stability between batches of materials.
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