Top 10 Troubled Lakes To Watch This Toxic Algae Season

The 2023 Harmful Algae Season Began Early, Infecting Lakes Across the U.S. NEWS PROVIDED BY EIN Presswire Jun 05, 2023, 8:00 AM ET WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2023/ — As temperatures heat up, health officials and water managers are on watch for harmful algal blooms. The all-too-familiar outbreaks of toxic blue-green […]

The Hidden Danger in Our Water Bodies: Saxitoxin Poisoning

Between 2002 and 2004, 28 cases of Puffer fish poisoning (PFP) across Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and New York were traced back to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in Florida. An investigation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed Saxitoxins (STXs) in three types of puffer fish species hailing from the IRL. Over the span […]

An Imperative for Safe Drinking Water

A Scientific Perspective on Environmental Health and Safety As many scientists dedicated to preserving the sanctity of our environment, we have observed with increasing concern the persistent issues of environmental contamination, particularly in the realm of drinking water safety. The value of water, our most precious resource, is indisputable. It is an essential elixir of […]

Drinking Water, More Friendly Methods to Detect

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right, yet billions of people around the world lack access to this essential resource. Waterborne diseases are a leading cause of illness and death in developing countries, and even in developed countries, outbreaks of waterborne illnesses still occur. To ensure the safety of drinking […]

Ensure our water supply free of these harmful chemicals

Pesticides and herbicides are chemicals that are widely used in agriculture to control pests and weeds, but these chemicals can also find their way into our drinking water supply. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes the potential health risks associated with exposure to pesticides and herbicides in drinking water and therefore requires them to […]

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