5-mL Empty FPLC Columns

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SKU: MPPC005-1 / MPPC005-2 / 009808-5

The empty FPLC columns empower customers to pack columns with their own chromatographic media. By utilizing various separation mechanisms (immunoaffinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, and reverse phase), customers are able to make powerful tools for the purification of antibodies, proteins, and other biomolecules.



  • Direct connection with GE AKTA purifiers
  • Extremely low non-specific binding
SKU: MPPC005-1 / MPPC005-2 / 009808-5 Category:


Cat. #DescriptionQty.
MPPC005-15-mL Empty FPLC Columns, Red Sealing Sleeve50/Box
MPPC005-25-mL Empty FPLC Columns, Green Sealing Sleeve50/Box
009808-55-mL FPLC Column Assembly Tool1/PK



  • Purification of tagged proteins from a variety of sources such as bacterial, insect and mammal cells
  • Desalting of nucleic acids, peptides and proteins



Column volume: 5 mL

Maximum pressure: > 0.65 MPa (6.5 bar, 94 psi)



Product No

009808-5, MPPC005-1, MPPC005-2

Packing Size

1 pc/pack, 50 pcs/pack

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