Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column)

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Intended Use
Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column) is based on our proprietary silica membrane purification technology, capable of quick extraction and purification of genomic DNA from bacteria. The extracted genomic DNA fragment is large, high purity and stable and reliable. With its unique buffer system, the genomic DNA efficiently adsorbs into silica membrane in the spin column. The residual impurities are removed with Wash Buffer (Buffer WB), and the plasmid DNA is eluted in Elution Buffer. The purified genomic DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as restriction digestion, PCR amplification, library preparation and other molecular biology experiments.



  • The optimized solution formula is perfect match for easy and quick extraction of bacterial genomic DNA.
  • With the unique silica membrane, it enables high capability of strong adsorption to nucleic acids under specific solution conditions, and easy elution nucleic acid by changing conditions.



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MNP012-1ECommaXP ®   Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column)50 Preps/Box


Experimental Data

bacterial genomic DNA kit spin column

M: 15000 bp Marker
Lane1-3: E.coli genomic DNA
Genomic DNA is extracted from 4mL E. coli by CommaXP™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column), the elution volume is 50 μL, sample volume is 6 μL for AGE, Marker volume is 6 μL for AGE.

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50 Preps/box

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