Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kits (Pre-packed Magnetic Beads)

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SKU: BNP002-2E / BNP002-3E

Intended Use
Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kits (Pre-packed Magnetic Beads) could be used to extract genomic DNA from fresh, anticoagulant, or frozen blood samples. Relevant reagents were pre-packed in 96-well plates in accordance with the optimal protocol. This kit could be used with nucleic acid extraction instruments to achieve automated, high-throughput nucleic acid extraction.


  •  Relevant reagents were optimized for the instrument to ensure extraction efficiency.
  •  Reagents were pre-packed for Rapid, efficient, high throughput nucleic acid extraction.
  •  Buffer system does not contain toxic substances such as phenol and chloroform.
  •  Applicable to various kinds of automated nucleic acid extraction instrument.
  • The CV value of extracted nucleic acid concentration and purity is less than 5%.
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Order information:

C at. # Description Qty.
BNP002-2EBlood Genomic DNA Extraction Kits (Pre-packed Magnetic Beads, MB32)32 Prep/Kits
BNP002-3EBlood Genomic DNA Extraction Kits (Pre-packed Magnetic Beads, MB96)96 Prep/Kits


Sample Volume150 μL
DNA Yield4-7 μg
DNA PurityOD 260/OD 280: 1.9-2.0
Extraction time30min for M32, 32 samples/round; 90min for M96, 96 samples/round
Instrument M32/M96 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Experimental Data
Extract DNA from 150 uL pig whole blood, spot size was 6 μL

Experiment ParameterAverage Value
DNA Yield6.5 μg
OD 260/OD 280 2.014
Product No

BNP002-2E, BNP002-3E

Packing Size

32 Preps/kit, 96 Preps/kit

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