Microcystin-N Test Kit (ELISA Plate)

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The Microcystin-N Plate Kit is a competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of Microcystins in water.

•     Plate – (1) containing 12 test strips of 8 wells coated each, vacuum-packed in the aluminized pouch with indicating desiccant
•     Microcystin Calibrators – (6) vials containing 2 mL with a concentration of 0.0 ppb (µg/L), 0.1, 0.3, 0.8, 2.0, and 5.0 ppb of Microcystin-LR
•     Positive Control – (1) vial containing 2 mL of 1.0 ppb Microcystin-LR control
•     Microcystin HRP Enzyme Conjugate – (1) bottle containing 8 mL
•     Microcystin Antibody Solution – (1) bottle containing 8 mL
•     Substrate – (1) bottle containing 14 mL
•     Stop Solution – (1) bottle containing 14 mL (Caution! Contains 1 N HCl. Handle with care.)
•     Sample Diluent/Zero Diluent – (1) bottle containing 25 mL; for dilution of samples above the standard curve range, and also to be used as Zero Diluent (LRB-Laboratory Reagent Blank)
•     100X Wash Solution – (1) bottle containing 25 mL (Must be diluted before use. See Assay Procedure Step 2.)

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The Microcystin-N plate kit is a competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay. Microcystin HRP enzyme conjugate is pipetted into the test wells followed by calibrators or sample extract. A Microcystin antibody solution is then added into the test wells to initiate the reaction. During a 30-minute incubation period, microcystin from the sample and Microcystin HRP conjugate compete for binding to the Microcystin antibody. Following this incubation, the wells are washed to remove any unbound microcystin and Microcystin HRP conjugate. After washing, a colorless substrate is added to the wells and any bound enzyme conjugate will convert the substrate to a blue color. Following another 30-minute incubation, the reaction is stopped with the addition of stop solution and the amount of color in each well is measured. The color of the unknown sample is compared to the color of the calibrators and the microcystin concentration of the sample is derived. The color intensity is inversely proportional to the amount of microcystin present.


•   Store all kit components at 4°C to 8°C (39°F to 46°F) when not in use.
•   Each reagent is optimized for use in the Microcystin Plate Kit. Do not substitute reagents from any other manufacturer into the test kit. Do not combine reagents from other Microcystin Plate Kits with different lot numbers.
•   Dilution or adulteration of reagents or samples not called for in the procedure may result in inaccurate results.
•   Do not use reagents after expiration date.
•   Reagents should be brought to room temperature (RT), 20 to 28ºC (68 to 82ºF) prior to use. Avoid prolonged (> 24 hours) storage at room temperature.
•   Microcystin is a toxin and should be treated with care.
•   The Stop Solution is 1N hydrochloric acid, which is corrosive and an irritant. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Immediately clean up any spills and wash area with copious amounts of water. If contact should occur, immediately flush with copious amounts of water.
•   Precise transfer of samples and reagents by using an appropriate and calibrated pipette is critical to obtain proper assay results. Please pipette carefully.
•   If running more than two strips at once, the use of a multichannel pipette is required.


96-well microtiter plate (12 test strips of 8 wells)


0, 0.10, 0.30, 0.80, 2, 5 ppb

Incubation Time:

60 Minutes

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