High-Speed Centrifuge Membrane

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SKU: DNAF051-03-50 / DNAF073-03-50 / DNAF110-03-50 / DNAF240-03-50

Intended Use
High-speed centrifuge membrane is made of special material and shows almost no binding to nucleic acids. It has a minimal thickness of 0.3 mm, making it an ideal component for nucleic acid purification.


  • Can withstand high-speed centrifugation.
  • Low adsorption to nucleic acids
  • Very low void volume
SKU: DNAF051-03-50 / DNAF073-03-50 / DNAF110-03-50 / DNAF240-03-50 Category:

Order information:

Cat. #UsageQty.
DNAF051-03-502 mL Spin Columns1000/PK
DNAF073-03-502 mL Spin Columns1000/PK
DNAF110-03-5015 mL Spin Columns1000/PK
DNAF240-03-5050 mL Spin Columns1000/PK



Product No

DNAF051-03-50, DNAF073-03-50, DNAF110-03-50, DNAF240-03-50

Packing Size

1000 pcs/pack

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