Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Magnetic Beads)

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Intended Use
Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Magnetic Beads) uses magnetic beads and a buffer system with a unique separation function, which can isolate and purify genomic DNA from various plant tissues. The magnetic beads embedded in special technology have a strong affinity for genomic DNA in a specific buffer system. While conditions change, the magnetic beads release the absorbed genomic DNA, so to rapid separation and purification of genomic DNA. The purified plant genomic DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as restriction digestion, PCR amplification, library preparation, Southern hybridization, chip detection, high throughput sequencing, and other molecular biology experiments.



The buffer solution system excludes Phenol/chloroform, it is safe to operator and environment.
The extracted genomic DNA fragments were large, high purity and stable in quality.
High-pass quantization and automation of DNA recovery can be realized without centrifugation.



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BNP006-1ECommaXP ®  Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Magnetic Beads)50 Preps/Kit

Experimental Data

M: Trans 2 K DNA Marker
Lane1-4: Genomic DNA
Lane1-2: genomic DNA was extracted from 100g freshplantleafby CommaXP ®  Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Magnetic Beads).
Lane3-4: genomic DNA was extracted from 100 mg fresh plant leaf by CommaXP ®  Plant Genomic DNA Kit (Magnetic Beads). Elution volume is 50 μL, sample volume is 4 μL for AGE, Marker volume is 6 μL for AGE.

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50 Preps/box

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